Star Citizen Division

A Christian Star Citizen Organization that strives to create a positive gaming environment for all.

A Different Kind of Gaming Experience

This is more than a crew, a clan, or a group.
We are like family.
We treat each other with respect.

Who are the Seraphim?

We are a Star Citizen-loving group of Christian men and women who open our doors for anyone to join. 
There is no judgement here, there’s open and honest conversations, and there’s room to make mistakes and mess up. 
(we all mess up)

We founded this crew based on our love for Star Citizen and space games.
We stay because our gaming environment is clean and fun.
Many of us come from other clans, other groups, where the negative and derogatory conversation just wore us out. 

If you are looking for a group where you can be you, we encourage you to apply. 
Join us in Discord! Have a chat. We are laid back.
 (Well, some of us are serious gamers, but that’s ok too) 


Loyal to each other. 
Loyal to the clan.


Honest conversation.
Honest opinions.


Positive outlook.
Positive gaming experience.

The Seraphim Logo representing a Christian Star Citizen Organization

What do we stand for?

As a member of the Seraphim, you will agree to uphold a code of honor.
This isn’t a breach of your freedom as an individual.
 This is a code we adhere to out of respect for each other.
This is something we WANT to do.
Not something we HAVE to do.

It’s ok. It’s not for everyone.


Keepin' it Clean

Many of us have families listening in the background. Language is to be kept clean at all times. No suggestive themes. It’s not necessary here.


Trolling is for the Weak

We don’t troll the enemy. We don’t troll each other. Trolling is for the insecure.
If you want to be divisive in nature, this isn’t the group for you.


We build, not destroy

While we lightly joke around with each other, that is fine. But constant negative tearing down is not who we are. We aim to encourage and to build each other up.


Selfless - not Selfish

We play as a unit. While we encourage individually and we allow you to do what you want, our aim is to behave in a way that allows everyone to enjoy the game.


Celebrate - don't brag

We celebrate our victories, of course, any clan does and will. However, we do not need to hear how many pirates you killed every time we log in.
Keep it reasonable.


No Friendly fire

We do not fire on each other. Period.
While sometimes in the right mood it can be “funny”. Losing a ship, a life, etc can ruin someone’s gaming experience. 
Plenty of enemies to shoot at.


No Pirating

We are against piracy. While we understand there are some really weird gray areas right now within Star Citizen, we discuss those as a group and decide what is ok or not.



We 100% understand real life, family, friends, etc all come FIRST. 
If you are going to be away for some time. Let us know!


Toxic attitudes

If you are struggling with something, tell us. We support each other. However, if every time you log in you are complaining about something, we may have a discussion with you.

About the Seraphim

We have our code of honor. 
And we have one rule.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Our Crew


Considering Joining the Seraphim?

Have Questions?

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